APPLE COMPUTER – (NASDAQ: APPL):  By bringing computing within the control of the individual, Apple became highly successful.  The company was in the Fortune 500 withing five years and 500 employees became millionaires when the company went public.  Apple Computer, Inc. designs, manufactures and markets personal computers (PCs) and related software, peripherals and personal computing and communicating solutions.  Investors in Apple, prior to their IPO, included Arthur Rock, Venrock, Don Valentine, Henry Singleton, Fayez Serofin and Xerox.

CIRRUS TECHNOLOGIES – Cirrus Technologies, with the backing of Security Pacific Capital and Capital Resource Partners, acquired Broadcast Electronics, a major manufacturer of studio and transmission equipment for radio broadcasting in 1990.  After growing the revenue and profitability of the company, Cirrus sold Broadcast Electronics to Hoak Capital in 1997.

GDE SYSTEMS – GDE Systems, the Electronics Division of General Dynamics Corporation, was a leading defense contractor specializing in applying advanced digital technology to design, manufacture and support of sophisticated defense electronic systems for tactical and strategic forces for both domestic and international customers.  Located in San Diego, GDES was spun out in 1992 in a transaction financed by the Carlyle Group, BankAmerica Capital and Hancock Ventures.  The investor group successfully sold the company to Tracor, Inc. in 1994.

GENE LOGIC – (NASDAQ: GLGC): Gene Logic pioneered and dominates the market for gene expression databases.  Their customers include most of the major pharmaceutical companies.  The use of the company’s databases provides drug targets and helps the customers reduce the cost, time and risk involved in drug discovery.  Seed investors in Gene Logic included Oxford Biosciences and Oxcal.

IC WORKS – (Acquired by Cypress Semiconductor NASDAQ: CY):  IC Works was a spinout of Samsung’s domestic semiconductor operations.  Co-investors included US Venture Partners, Institutional Venture Partners and Stanford University.

PETSMART – (NASDAQ: PETM):  PETsMART, headquartered in Arizona, is the leading pet supply retailer having introduced the super-store concept to the pet market.  Security Pacific Capital invested in several private venture rounds of financing prior to the 1993 IPO.  Petsmart co-investors included Phillips-Smith, Chancellor Capital, Oak, T. Rowe Price and USVP.

SYSTEM INTEGRATORS – System Integrators, a leading provider of software-based publishing systems for the worldwide newspaper market, was purchased by management and a syndicate of investors that included Opportunity Capital and Pacesetter Capital.  It was sold in 2000 to the German company, net-Linx.

SOFTCOM MICROSYSTEMS – (Acquired by Intel Corp. NASDAQ: INTC):  SOFTCOM, Fremont, CA, developed a single chip Wide Area Network Processor named "GigaBlade Network".  At the 1999 Comnet show, the product won a New Product Achievement Award and was named "best of show".  Later in 1999 Intel acquired Softcom.  Other investors in Softcom included Sequoia and Sevin Rosen.

VITESSE SEMICONDUCTOR – (NASDAQ: VTSS):  Vitesse Semiconductor Corporation is a supplier of high-performance integrated circuits (ICs) and optical modules, principally targeted at systems manufacturers in the communications and storage industries. At the time of investment, Vitesse was a leader in the field of Galium Arsenide semiconductors, which provide speed and power advantages over CMOS.  Among the many investors in Vitesse were Sequoia, Spectra Enterprise Associates (an NEA affiliate) and Oxford.