ChimeraCore - 2007: ChimeraCore, Inc. is a drug delivery company focused on the development of novel targeted treatments to enhance current cancer therapies.

HTG - 2007: HTG provides a technology platform that enables the accurate, sensitive, reproducible and repeatable measurement of molecular signatures through the multiplexed measurement of RNA expression levels, DNA and protein levels and function.

Pliant - 2007: Pliant provides a Flash based solid state disk for use in enterprise storage.

Academy123 - 2005: Academy123's proprietary technology platform allows partners to develop high quality online multi-media education content faster and less expensively than any other technology. The company develops homework help solutions, tutorial and test preparation material and many other types of content for its partners. In addition, the company licenses its technology to other education companies.

Green Hills Software - 2005: Develops real-time operating systems and is the market share leader in  Embedded Development Tools. Green Hills recently introduced the Inegrity PC which allows high security and high reliability stems to incorporate guest applications and operating systems such as Windows or Linux.

Novariant - 2005: Novariant (formerly IntegriNautics) provides precision location and machine control solutions in applications that require a high level of accuracy, consistency, and availability.  Novariant’s machine control solutions use Real-time Kinematic (RTK) Global Positioning System (GPS) technology  to automatically steer equipment, such as farming and mining machines, map terrain, and land aircraft.

Ondax - 2005: ONDAX, INC is the world's leading manufacturer of volume holographic gratings. Ondax volume holographic gratings are suitable for both narrow band and broad band optical applications and  can be manufactured to a wide range of optical and physical requirements.

Prolacta Bioscience provides pharmaceutical grade specialty formulations of human milk for use in the nutrition of low birth weight and very low birth weight infants. Prolacta’s products have the nutritional consistency of formula while conveying the immunological benefits of human milk.

SupplyFrame - 2005: SupplyFrame (formerly SupplyFX) has developed "QuoteFX", an on-line tool built on known industry requirements that provides automation and control for quoting and purchasing professionals. Software and electronics experts created it with the mission of simplifying the quote management process with an affordable, low-risk solution.

V-Enable - 2005: Develops speech enabled search systems  for applications on mobile phones.

Visioneered Image Systems - 2005: Makes next generation LED displays targeted at the digital roadside billboard market.

Xponent Photonics - 2005: Manufactures optical transceivers (diplexers and triplexers) through a proprietary process known as surface mount photonics to bring fiber optics to the premises (FTTx). - 2005: 2005,  Sells cars and car-related products and services online.